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ShelterMe is a directory of services for homeless Territorians. You can find a service by selecting your area on the map of the Northern Territory and choosing one or more service categories. Once selected, click on 'Find a Service'

Alternatively, you can find a service using the drop down menu under 'Find a Service'. To begin your search, please select from one or more regions on the 'Region' drop down menu. You may also choose to 'select all' regions. Next, select from one or more services from the 'Service Category' drop down menu. You may also choose to 'select all' services. Once your region and service types are selected, click on the 'Find a Service' button to view the listings for your search query.

Once the service listings are shown, you will we able to scroll down the page to view all services that matched your region and service category search query. Once you have found a relevant service for your needs, you may click 'save as PDF' or 'Print', found on the top right corner of each search result.

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